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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services


Accounting and bookkeeping services are advertised widely on the internet, radio and television. For someone new to owning a business or company, it can be initially quite confusing to understand what to expect in terms of the level of service provided. If you are a person that may fall into this category, please read on.


Bookkeeping is basically known as the act of keeping track of the financial activities of a person, an organization or a business. When one uses the term financial activity, one basically means any transaction which involves money. Bookkeeping’s, as well as accounting’s, goal is to give concerned parties a bird’s eye view of just what they, or their organizations or businesses, have been spending on, as well as just how much money “comes in”. This will essentially leave an impression of the financial stability of the given organization or company.


Accounting and bookkeeping services are somewhat defined by the types of bookkeeping practices, with which one hopes to keep tabs on. To further explain: There are different types of bookkeeping. For example, let us talk about single account bookkeeping accounting and bookkeeping services.

Single Account Accounting and Bookkeeping Services


As a form of bookkeeping, single account bookkeeping stands to be quite easy to understand, as well as easy to apply, not necessarily needing the aid of accounting and bookkeeping services for them to take place. Basically, single account bookkeeping involves simple bookkeeping geared for individual use, or family use, who would like to keep track of their expenses. Recording income, recording expenses, and current cash balance are basically the prime goals of a single account bookkeeping service.


Single Entry Bookkeeping Accounting and Bookkeeping Services


When talking about single entry bookkeeping, the primary bookkeeping record comes into the avenue of Profit and Loss. It is basically similar to that of a checking account register, but differs in the sense that single entry bookkeeping allocates the income and expenses to various expense and income accounts.


To further clarify, single entry bookkeeping stands to be one of the many accounting and bookkeeping services offered by those advertisements you often see, as this is something not everyone could easily achieve.


Hopefully this has provided you with a brief overview of 2 of the most common forms of accounting and bookkeeping services, which ideally should be utilised via bookkeping software.



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